San Tan Aikido Kokikai
Mastering Confidence Development™

Our Purpose
We are SHATTERING the lie that we're "not good enough" and MASTERING confidence development through the discipline of martial arts.

Our Process

Gratitude.  Attune.  Harmonize.  Resonate. Evaluate.  This is our process for relationship development in any situation, any conflict, physical or otherwise.

Our dojo is our safe and sacred space to succeed, fail, learn and grow - over and over again.  We train with sincerity, discipline and humor.  Under progressively higher training expectations, we find out who we are, strive for who we want to be, and help bring out the best in each other.

Our Results

  1. Calm, quiet confidence
  2. Harmonious conflict resolution strategies while standing strong
  3. Improved relationship skills that bring out the best in each other
  4. Mastery of the confidence development process that can be applied to any area of your life
  5. Oh yeah, and we also happen to learn some great Japanese martial arts along the way!


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